Terrace Changing Gallery

The Terrace Changing Gallery features temporary exhibits of regional art and history.
The museum’s extensive collections of historic objects, textiles and costumes, archival material and photographs are brought together into fun and educational exhibits on the history of the upper Great Plains and the lives of the people who lived here. Past exhibits have included Through the Eyes of a Soldier: The Spanish-American-Philippine War, Take a Seat! (an exhibition of chairs,) Middle Border Medicine, Hats Off to You! and World War I: Impact and Effect.
The museum also hosts exhibits of the work of artists from the region, or whose subject matter expresses the culture of the region. Works from the museum’s permanent art collection are also frequently featured in temporary exhibits. Every March, to celebrate National Youth Art Month the museum’s galleries are host to the Youth Art Show, an exhibition of artwork from South Dakota students grades K – 12.