Leland and Josephine Case Gallery

The Case Art Gallery and Office

Dakota Woman by Harvey DunnThe Case Art Gallery exhibits many of the illustrations and other works of art collected by Leland throughout his long career as magazine editor. In the Case Art Gallery, you can view the Harvey Dunn original, Dakota Woman, and many others.

Leland Case’s Dream

The Friends of the Middle Border, Inc. was an idea and a dream of Leland D. Case. Born in Wesley, Iowa in 1900, Leland grew up the son of a Methodist minister. The Case family moved to Sturgis, South Dakota in 1909 and his father served in several congregations throughout the Black Hills area.

Francis Case

Leland Case Library at Dakota Discovery Museum in Mitchell, SD

Leland Case Library

From such humble beginnings, two children of that simple country minister grew to influence the nation.

Leland’s brother, Francis Case, served in the Congress and Senate for 26 years.

Leland attended Dakota Wesleyan and other universities and became editor of The Rotarian magazine in Chicago. Later, he was editor of Together magazine, a widely distributed Methodist publication. He was also founder of the Westerners, International and corresponded with some of the most recognized people of his day.

Leland D. Case Office & Library

Leland Case Library at Dakota Discovery Museum in Mitchell, SD

Leland Case Library

When Case contracted tuberculosis, he moved to Tucson, Arizona for his health, where he continued to work on the “Big Idea,” his dream of a major regional cultural center where the people could celebrate their literature, art, music and frontier heritage.

Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, South Dakota was chosen as the site for the new museum, since South Dakota, “epitomized the Middle Border, geographically, economically, and culturally. It bridges the agricultural middle west and the mining ranching west.” Through his widespread contacts, Case convinced nationally known artists, historians, educators and philosophers to contribute to the new museum.

The Leland D. Case Office and Library is a replica of his Tucson, Arizona office and library.

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As a step to fulfilling Leland’s wishes, the board of directors has established the Leland D. and Josephine A. Case Memorial Fund as a permanent endowment fund to ensure the future operations of the museum. Learn more about supporting this important fund.